SPLP Homes โทร.+6627392223 +66852199901. For sale and rent #House #Pool villa near #Hua Hin #Beach #Chikada #Nearby attractions  #Black Mountain Golf Course and Water Park  #Hua Hin International School.

                                    ******* The house is beautiful and luxurious, close to the golf course and Black Mountain Water Park, just 300-500 m. ********
            Beat the market price of houses in this area and in Hua Hin.  price..........  Only a million baht
                               There is a swimming pool and extras.
                   Luxurious house, good looking, beautiful, strong, cheap, very good atmosphere.
        The weather is excellent, next to a very wide water line, there is no shortage of water. Behind the project there is water.
      This price is no longer available.  We want to help people who want to own a private home at an affordable price.

 Private house with 2-3 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 private swimming pool, parking for 2-3 cars, and a viewing deck.  Every private fence
                            Interested in coming to live with us here?
                    For government officials, employees, stores, state enterprises, merchants, self-employed and the general public.
                                 Send free bank notes, receive free financial consultation
             Interested in seeing the actual location where the project was built, just 1 minute before the entrance to the Black Mountain golf course and water park?
                 Reserve now, relax in the garden next to the beautiful clear water.  and riverside flower gardens
                                          Beauty and good atmosphere are here to stay with us.
                Public roads, complete with public utilities.
               Open for reservations every day.  Good house, beautiful, cheap, durable, atmosphere and weather are very good.
  +66(0)62-739-2223 Documents delivered to your location, free bank transfer, free document processing.  Free financial consultation.

          SPLP Homes Huahin

    SPLP Homes House Project.Highlights of the project.

1. Single house with land, pilings, with free termite pipes for every house, Dan Fah Chom View.

2. Customers can expand their house according to the area.

3. Customers can come and view the construction at any time.  You can check every part of the house plan.

4. In the case of applying for a bank loan, the project will process it for free. Free of charge for submitting documents.  Receive documents at your location

5. Complete public utility system  drainage system

 6. Complete electrical wiring system

7. Backup water system, water storage tank, water pump, 2 systems

8. Termite pipe system

9. Security system, CCTV, security guard.

 10. There are more than 9 entrances and exits. Drive slowly for 10 minutes to the sea and the commercial center.

11. Nearby places

  - Near Hua Hin sea, 10 minutes

  - Near Black Mountain Golf Course, Hua Hin  There is a golf cart shuttle to the project within 1 minute.

  - Near many golf courses

  - Near Black Mountain Water Park Hua Hin, 1 minute.

  - Near Bluport Hua Hin Mall, 10 minutes.

  - Near Market Village Hua Hin mall, 10 minutes.

  - Near Cicada Hua Hin Night Market, 10 minutes.

  - Near Hua Hin Walking Street, Night Market, 10 minutes.

  - Near many tourist attractions and beautiful temples. 

  - There is a shuttle from Hua Hin to see the house project.

  - Near many international schools and Thai schools.  There is a student bus to take you home.

14. For the project, we use a sales team with more than 20 years of experience as project owners and project consultants.  and member of the Thai Real Estate Business Confederation  Professional and expert construction team

15. Respond to customer needs in every case. Can change designs as customers want.

16. Free financial consulting service in all cases. Call 0618861551 / 062-739-2223

17. Customers can make long-term reservations.  in order to have time to account with the bank

18.Customers can pay in installments for the project.

19.Foreign customers can buy and foreign customers can exercise rights to houses and land.

20.Free home design modification  Additional design fee and one free processing fee.

21.Customers can design and come view the house 24 hours a day, giving additional information about the house at the event as needed.

Note...in the case that the customer adds something other than the project.  The project will oversee and control  and coordinate according to customer needs.




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